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An Endorsement

“ I wish to congratulate Le NouveauPro Sdn Bhd for starting a training platform that provides experiential learning and skills training for young graduates. The fact of the matter is that the academic channel can only provide knowledge up to a point. A gap still exists between the academia and the work place and this has to be bridged. I applaud the effort of Le NouveauPro to focus on developing critical and creative thinking skills. By providing finishing touches to graduates and young executives, helping them to think and communicate better, I believe we can make the difference. Le NouveauPro is on the right track, and I fully support them….”

YB Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon, Deputy Minister of Education

Such encouraging words ring in my ear as my team and I continue our work to manage expectations, inspire change and improve the quality and readiness of human capital for today and tomorrow.

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