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How To Find A job

Many students tend to postpone their thoughts on this question until they complete their studies. Most assume that there will be jobs when they finish at the university or college until they start applying for jobs and find that most jobs require candidates with experience or skills. It is then that they must evaluate their work options.

Not everyone's career path suits a typical, 9-5, full-time job. There's many different work options that suit different people at the various stages of their lives and careers.

The path to find a job requires self-initiative and involves:

  • Evaluating your own capabilities, qualifications and skills

  • Assessing your wants and needs

  • Looking for suitable options

  • Making yourself employable (acquiring skills if necessary)

  • Having the right attitude about work and self

  • Being prepared to experiment to find the right balance and the right work option

Check out this related article:

Lack of self-initiative, soft skills leads to unemployed fresh graduates

January 19, 2016 17:42 MYT

According to TalentCorp Malaysia, on an average recruiters spend a mere six seconds on any CV and mostly, reasons to reject it. Lack of self-initiative and soft skills are among the main factors leading to unemployability among fresh graduates in the country. TalentCorp Malaysia chief executive officer Johan Mahmood Merican said some of the fresh graduates tended to take the job application process lightly, without taking the initiative to market themselves to the future employer. "Rather than just dropping the curriculum vitae (CV), they need to enhance their soft skills and stand out from among other competitors for recognition. "Besides, average recruiters only spend six seconds on a CV and mostly, will find reasons to reject it. Thus, students and fresh graduates must learn not to take matters like this (CV) lightly," he told reporters after launching the Sector Focused Career Fair (SFCF) Big Bang 2016 here today.

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