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The Chair Speaks:

Professor Datuk Dr. Wong Lai Sum


Paul Roberts in his book on The Impulse Society asked a question that we hear every so often, that is, “What’s wrong with getting what we want!?” It is also not uncommon that we ourselves ask that question. Well…in my opinion, there is nothing wrong provided you can control the situation and manage expectations.

Unfortunately, the realities of the world do not make it easy for young graduates to find themselves in the work place. Many leave the universities or colleges with dreams of landing a cushy job with a good pay that provides the lifestyle that they crave for. They soon awaken from their dreams when they get repeated rejections at interviews. Something has gone wrong. Ultimately, they reach a conclusion: the world is not ready for them and for the world: oh no …another one of those rough diamonds with THE ATTITUDE!!!

My grandmother once told me, “everyone has a right to choose. If you think you are good, the next guy is even better. So, make sure you are chosen!” Thus, it is important that individuals seeking a job show that they are employable, not just from the paper qualification perspective but from the skill and personality perspective. While there will always be job-specific skills that an employer is looking for, it is the general soft or employability skills that can help you get a job because these bring out the best in a person to the interview panel. This will help you to score in an interview, and can also help you stay in a job and work your way to the top.

A google search on the words “employability skills” will reveal skills needed such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative, planning and organising, creativity and self-management. While you can learn these skills on your own which requires time and experimentation, the Le NouveauPro platform gives you a guided and faster route, leveraging on the experience of others. You no longer have to muddle through!

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