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Every year, more and more graduates pour out from universities and colleges whether locally or from abroad. Many of them do not have any relevant working experience. Even if they are successful in securing jobs, they find it a nightmare to fit in the corporate world. Often, employers complain about misfits or poor fits that have been churned out by institutions of higher learning. Le NouveauPro is a training centre for these young individuals, bridging the needs of employers with the abilities of young graduates or would-be graduates or even the young executives.


It is a platform that enables employability and helps individuals to better understand the work environment and to prepare them for challenges ahead. The ProExec Method used in Le NouveauPro equips individuals with soft skills and makes them more confident to secure jobs. It develops individuals beyond academia, moving away from learning through text books and examinations to experiential-type of learning from a blend of lectures, role play, practice, case studies and field visits.


The ProExec Method stimulates thought processes and helps individuals grow and adapt to the work environment in a short time. Individuals will be groomed to better face realities and pressures at the work place in addition to understanding employer demands.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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